Hällo from Frankfurt

We have visitors!

We’ve had some visitors recently which has been great! Brian visited for the weekend and Mum and Dad visited for a few days before heading off on a road trip in the south of Germany.  We travelled with Mum and Dad for a couple of days to Heidelberg and Baden Baden and then came back to Frankfurt while Mum and Dad continued on.

It was so nice to catch up! We showed Brian, Mum and Dad some of the Frankfurt sights in the couple of days they each had here – the Romerberg square (the old city), the Zeil shopping strip, some of the food markets (where we found an interesting pumpkin stall ready for Halloween – with pumpkin wine) and of course we visited a well-known apfelwein tavern near our place, ‘Adolf Wagner’, for some hearty schnitzels and apfelwein.  Mum and Dad also brought some much needed food supplies – a big jar of Vegemite and Tim Tams!

After spending a few days in Frankfurt with Mum and Dad, we set off south to Heidelberg.  Mum and Dad brought their GPS from Australia so we had an Australian GPS lady pronouncing German street names with a strong Australian accent – which was interesting!

We stopped at Schloss Schwetzingen, a castle in a small town outside Heidelberg, which was very impressive with beautiful gardens, kind of like an Alice In Wonderland garden with manicured hedges etc.

We then made our way to Heidelberg, which was great – even for the second time. Mum and Dad loved it too. Tim and I didn’t do all of the attractions again – but it was nice just wandering through the main streets and by the river. We also spend a lot of time just chilling in a cafe that we discovered has really good coffee (something I don’t take for granted over here)!

We then headed to Baden Baden in the north of the Black Forest.  It’s a cute little town with lots of very expensive shops (so we did lots of looking) – although we didn’t visit the main attraction – the ‘therapeutic’ baths.  It is common for Doctors in Germany to prescribe a visit to one of these baths and apparently health insurance companies cover a one week treatment every 3 years.  These ‘baths’ also happen to be mixed-sex nude baths… ;p

We went to some flea markets – very common in Germany as garage sales aren’t permitted.  There is a lot of junk, but some treasures too!  We did a short train bus tour through the town and later went to a look-out over the town, where hand gliders were launching off a cliff.

This is us in the main town square in Baden Baden, with lovely old buildings that line the main steet.

After a couple of great days in Baden Baden it was time for Tim and I to head back to Frankfurt and Mum and Dad continued on through South Germany.

Before Brian, Mum and Dad arrived, about a month ago now, we went to watch the Davis Cup Tennis in Hamburg for the weekend.  We saw Australia v Germany – Tomic and Lleyton against a couple of German players, which was fantastic! The Australian fans were ridiculously outnumbered (probably 50:1) so we waved our Australian flag extra hard – and probably too often. We saw Tomic win his match but unfortunately Australia lost overall (although luckily we weren’t there to see this).

There were a group of 15 or so dedicated Aussie fans with organised chants and songs who were dressed in shorts (even though it was bitterly cold) and the green/gold t-shirts and caps.  You can’t miss them in the picture below!

In Hamburg city, we visited the city centre and saw the Rathaus (townhall), which is massive and amazing inside (looks more like a church inside than the town hall).

Inside the Rathaus:

We visited St Pauli, a suburb of Hamburg that would be equivalent to Kings Cross Sydney – only about 10 times bigger! It’s similar in that it has the mixture of the red light district mixed with lots of bars and nightclubs.  Pretty much anything goes there so it would have to be one of the most interesting places to just wander!

On our last day in Hamburg, the sun came out, the temperature rose by about 10 degrees and I no longer had to wear every layer of clothing I had packed! We wandered around the lake in Hamburg and had an awesome lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant (and had real Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk yum!)

Tschuss und bis bald!


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