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We took a short trip to Croatia recently – we spent 3 nights in Hvar, an island off the mainland, and the last night in Trogir. We had REAL summer weather (about 35 degrees every day) and we went to the beach, got a boat ride to one of the other islands for the day, ate and drank too much of course, and had a great time!

Hvar is a bit of a tourist/party town and there were lots of Aussies out and about which was great!  It was so weird to hear so many people speaking English, and in the unmistakable Australian accent.  I was actually really excited to hear so many people speaking with an Australian accent! It’s funny the things you don’t even realise you’re missing.  It took us a good day to get used to saying ‘Thanks’ and ‘Excuse me’ etc instead of ‘Danke schon!’ and ‘Entschuldigung!’ to people in shops and restaurants.  Having said that, by the second day we were back to normal and speaking English automatically.

The beaches are pebble, not sandy beaches, which is a bit hard on the feet, but the water was crystal clear. Our sandy beaches still look better though!!

The villages are really cute sandstone cottage/terraces with narrow winding alleyways that run throughout like a maze, and they’ve been revamped with lots of cafes and shops.

This is one of the bars in Hvar build on the water where you can watch the sunset over the ocean – stunning!

Below is a shot of Tim’s beer – a Croatian one called Karlovacko.  It was sitting on the hand rail at the bar and I was trying to get a shot of it with the sunset in the background, when a guy leapt over the rail and into the water, rocking the railing, and Tim reached in to grab the beer – which made for a more interesting shot than the one I had originally planned!

We took a boat trip to a nearby island for the day where there were more beaches and it was a little less crowded than Hvar.  The shot below was taken from a quite bar away from the crowds with a beautiful view over the bay.

We climbed up to the old castle overlooking Hvar bay one morning before the heat of the day kicked in – definitely worth the climb!

We found things relatively cheap in Croatia – we paid 60 Euros per night for our apartment in Hvar and got a basic room with a 180 degree view over the ocean and islands!! Everything is just so cheap compared with Western Europe.

This was the walk from our apartment down to the harbour and city square – very scenic and lots of cute winding alleyways to wander through, but tough to make it back up again!

On the last day, we went back to Split and then to Trogir.  Trogir is on the coast of the mainland and has a large old city similar to the style in Hvar, with cute sandstone terraces and narrow winding streets.

We climbed one of the bell towners in the centre of the old city which has a great view back over the city and to the ocean.

We had a super early (6am) flight home but the view from the plane at sunrise was awesome and made getting up at 4.30am worth it (just)!

All in all, Croatia was definitely worth the visit!

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5 thoughts on “Croatia

  1. sarah philipson on said:

    I’ve been looking forward to this entry! Such amazing photos Katelin! (and Tim if you took some too 😉 love Sarah xo

  2. Big Sam Alladyce on said:

    Hey Cobbers, great to see you having a great time. I am sure Karlovacko was a fullback who used to play for Juventus….. hmmmmm…….. Keep having a fantastic time. Speak soon, Andrew and the Girls

  3. Sylvia Hood on said:

    Hi Tim and Katelin, It is great to see you both taking advantage of you European stay.
    You are obviously having a ball. Great memories for you in the future. Keep it coming most enjoyable to read all your news.
    Cheers Sylvia and Robert

  4. Becc and Nath on said:

    Looks like some goo ideas for us next year! Beautiful 🙂

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