Hällo from Frankfurt


A few weeks ago, we jumped on the train and headed to Heidelberg for the day. Heidelberg is a small city just under an hour’s train trip from Frankfurt and all of the guidebooks describe it as a must-see on any visit to Germany.  After visiting the town, I can see why. It’s a beautiful old town on the river, with an old castle towering above and narrow twisting coble stone streets to wander through.  You can’t get much more European than that!

We took an old tram up to the castle which has a great view over the river and town below.

The stunning view from the castle over the city and river

The main shopping street is a pedestrian street that runs through the city centre and is about a kilometer long.  It’s a cobble stone street with lots of smaller streets that run off it and wind down to the river.  You can actually see the main street (and all the pedestrians) if you zoom in to the photo above.  It runs parallel to the river and makes a zig-zag pattern through all of the old buildings.

Of course if every guidebook says a place is a must-see….then share we must!

View of Heidelberg main street – packed on a Saturday afternoon!

Looking out to the river from Heidelberg main street

Looking from Heidelberg city centre to a beautiful old home up on the hill

Cute fruit stand on Heidelberg main street

City centre Heidelberg looking back up the hill to the the old castle

Bier cafe that likes a good garden – main street Heidelberg

Looking actross the river to the old castle and Heidelberg city centre

Looking back at part of the castle that has been restored

And to finish, checking out Heidelberg castle’s ‘Grossen Fässer’ (‘Great Barrel’) that was built in 1750 and used to store deliveries of wine from the (obviously very generous) local communities!

Tschüss bis später xox

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  1. Becc and Nath on said:

    Nath wants that barrell!

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