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Swiss for a weekend

At the end of June we decided to take a short trip to Zürich.  Tim was in Zürich with his boss for work on the Friday and so we took the opportunity to visit for the weekend.  Neither of us had been to Zürich before and we’d heard mixed reviews about the place (now I’ve visited, I’m not sure how you couldn’t love the place:p).

Zürich really is a fantastic city and we had an awesome time! I really love the old town near the river, with all of the cobble stone streets lined with cafes and restaurants, and of course, all of the lovely old buildings along the river.

We climbed to the top of the Grossmunster church and this is the view:

Of course it helped that the summer weather played along (about 33 degrees) and so everyone flocked to the shores of the lake and all of the outdoor bars/restaurants were in full swing.

We went to Hechtplatz Sommergarten, which is actually a public swimming pool turned open-air bar/restaurant (in the Summer), which is obviously a popular place!

The only thing I will say about Zürich is that it’s up there with the most expensive cities I’ve visited.  We went to the movies to escape the heat one evening and it cost us 50 swiss francs (slightly less in Euros) for the two of us. That’s compared to 18 euros to see a movie in Frankfurt.  You’ll also need about 14 swiss francs for a Big Mac Meal (not that we bought one).  I’m also pretty sure that Zürich taxi drivers are ono a winner with the fares they charge (I almost had a heart attack when I saw the taxi fare meter clock over 20 cents every second)  After my taxi ride from the airport to the hotel, we made sure we mastered the public transport system for the return trip to the airport!

We visited a couple of Zürich’s museums – the National Museum (Landesmuseum), which had an awesome photography exhibition on at the time – the Swiss Press Photo 12, which compiled the best works of the Swiss press over the past year.

We also visited Zürich’s major art museum (Kunsthaus) and I was really impressed with the collection – there is really something there for everyone.  They have a large collection of famous Swiss and international artists (some of the well-known names – Van Gogh and Picasso) but also some of the not so well-known names.  My favourites were:

… and it’s made with dice!

I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning Sprüngli’s macaroons, which are quite possibly the best I’ve ever had…

I’m devastated that Sprüngli only has stores in Zürich (despite the fact that they have nine different stores within Zürich)!

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4 thoughts on “Swiss for a weekend

  1. so jealous katelin 🙂 would love to be in europe in summer 🙂 good to hear your german is getting better – but not looking forward to the day when your immersion technique means this blog will be written in german…. ;p

  2. Brian H.. on said:

    Katelin and Tim
    looks great hope alls going well
    Brian and Belle

  3. Sandra Ivanovic on said:

    The pictures look amazing! I can’t believe how much they charge for taxis. i think I would have jumped out!!

  4. Brian Addison on said:

    This is so entertaining and educational , plus exceptional photography !!! Well done, Katelin .

    I think so far that Europe in summer looks so much more interesting than being in London .

    Good to talk the other day.


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