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Frankfurt Fairs and Festivals

Since arriving in Frankfurt there have been a lot of festivals and events around the city and river (getting them in before the colder months no doubt).  It’s also a pretty good excuse for everyone to go nuts on the bier, apfelwein and sausages!

On our second weekend in Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen hosted a Swiss festival – the Schweizer Strassen Fest. The Schweizer Street was blocked off from noon til midnight and there were heaps of food and market stores, a few stages each with different bands and other events on, including a fashion parade. It was interesting to see some of the European fashion (think lots of white)!

There were about 10 different groups of bucks and hens nights out on the town, making the most of the cheap drinks. They were all selling random items (chocolates, lighters etc) to make money to pay for drinks for the group (this seems to be the go here – even though the drinks are super cheap –  15 euros for a bottle of wine in a bar, or 3 euros in the supermarket!)

More sausages!

Central stage area set up in the middle of the Schweizer Platz roundabout

There are also plenty of markets – fresh food markets, flohmarkts (flea markets) and other food-related festivals around the city every week. The fresh food markets in the main city area open early in the morning, selling fruit and veggies, along with cheeses, salamis, sausages and pastries/strudels. Based on our last couple of visits, it’s quite normal for crowds of people, including elderly people, to be sitting up at 9am on a Saturday morning, with a sausage feast and apfelwein in hand!

Here are some ‘pizza’ apfel cakes – measuring about 60cm diameter! We bought two slices and that was probably equivalent to about 6 slices of a normal pizza back home.

Below was another food festival outside the Alte Oper (Opera house) which we went to with some of the people from my course. This was more of a multicultural food event so we ventured away from the standard sausages on the menu and had ourselves some Turkish cuisine for the night.

Here’s a shot I took at around 9pm on a Monday night last week with the open air bars/BBQs and everyone having picnics by the river – everyone really does take advantage of good weather when they have it here!

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3 thoughts on “Frankfurt Fairs and Festivals

  1. Monica on said:

    Dear Katelin and Tim

    Love your blog. Looks like you’re having a ball, I’m very jealous, good for you.

    Kateline, Carla and Lil and I had dinner last weekend and missed you. It was odd having a spare seat at the table.

    Stay safe and enjoy.



  2. Peter & Suzanne on said:

    Hi Katelin, we’ve just looked at your blog – what a great collection of photos and stories – ( you are really good at the photography) all this and only in a few weeks. Keep up the blog and we’ll all be almost able to taste the macaroons and beer and smell the flowers. What about the ‘bangers” the germans have under the car bonnet – they’re everywhere it seems. Maybe I should bring some over from Bryant’s butchery at Wellington and see what they think.- could be a possible export business
    It really sounds like it is all good for you both- and we think so to
    Mum and Dad xxoo

  3. Sylvia Hood on said:

    Hi Tim and Katelin, great to hear from you, you seem to be having a wonderful time, keep the blogs coming.
    Although I have travelled a lot, strangely enough I have only touched down at Frankfurt Airport. Keep enjoying the experience, we will keep in touch.
    Cheers Sylvia and Robert Unit 18.

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