Hällo from Frankfurt

We’ve arrived!

So here we are, settled and living in Frankfurt! After packing up our lives in Sydney only a month ago, it’s hard to believe we’re actually here.  However, after the first month of intensive German language school, there’s no doubt in my mind that the move is real!

Frankfurt’s pretty cool so far and we’re settling in well. The city is smaller than what we’re used to in Sydney, and we can walk to most places in the city and around the river from where we’re living, which is fantastic.

The city is very green with lots of parks and gardens and the Main River running straight through the centre.  The city has nicknamed itself ‘Mainhatten’, because of the sky rises on the Main River (although it’s a bit cheeky as the skyline doesn’t really compare to NY)!

It’s been a busy few weeks getting visa/registration sorted, opening a bank account, signing up with German mobile phone and internet companies, arranging medical insurance, working hard not to get lost in a new city – the usual. Obviously these things are easier to tackle if you’re able to communicate in English, which hasn’t always been the case but we’ve managed ok so far!

We’re renting an apartment in Sachsenhausen, which is filled with lovely old apartment buildings and is across the river from the city area.

There are lots of cafes and bakeries nearby and it has a village feel as you walk around, which is nice. We’re within a 15 minute walk to Tim’s work and my language school which is so handy. And yes, it looks the same as in the pictures we saw in Australia, which is awesome, and a relief! I’ve never signed a rental contract without actually seeing a property in person -before now. So we’re lucky that one worked out for us. The place is furnished, as the alternative would have been to buy new furniture, including a whole new kitchen fit out and all light fittings! This seems to be the norm throughout Europe – you basically BYO kitchen and lights if you rent an unfurnished place. The landlady has furnished the place like it’s her own home and could make it into an IKEA catalogue I’m sure! I’m also planning on copying the photo frame art in the lounge room when we come home 🙂

It’s nice to know that the people here are as crazy as I am about flowers 🙂 The area we’re living in is filled with florist shops. Actually, Frankfurt in general seems to be filled with flowers. There are flowers on almost every windowsill and balcony, on roundabouts, public plazas and restaurants and cafes place little pot plants or vases of flowers on each table (yes, even the traditional Apfelwein taverns do this, which is the last place you’d expect to see flowers).

On that note, there are also plenty of traditional Apfelwein taverns in the area, so there’s no shortage of German food and drink around the corner! The ‘authentic’ ones that brew their own Apfelwein all have a green wreath – like a Christmas wreath – hanging out the front (you can see them hanging in the picture below). It’s obviously a serious business brewing Germany’s Apfelwein!

Tim is enjoying his new job and the people he’s working with which is great. He’s enjoying the mix of Germans/Australians in the office and working with German and Swiss clients. My intensive German is great and my German is coming along. There are a few funny stories on that front – so I think that deserves a separate post…

We’ve managed to do a bit of travelling on weekends – to London to visit Tim’s uncle and family, while his brother was also travelling through London, and to Zürich a couple of weekends ago, so I’ll also do some separate posts on our travels thus far.

Here’s some of our pics out and about in Frankfurt…enjoy!

Romerberg Square is below – it’s part of the Altstadt (old city), which you can see in the bottom right hand corner of the city picture at the top of this page.

‘Lovers’ Bridge’: one of a number of bridges that link Frankfurt city to Sachsenhausen across the Main River. This particular bridge has hundreds of padlocks locked to it with couples’ names and messages engraved. We’ve called it ‘Lovers’ Bridge’.

The tree-lined walking track that runs along each side of the Main River

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One thought on “We’ve arrived!

  1. Nury on said:

    Loving the photos, keep them coming.

    Tim still looks trim, so cant be eating enough sausages, meat balls and drinking enough beer!

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